November 24th

Thursday November 24th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
Today we had our Thanksgiving dinner at the assembly.  This morning I made 2 cherry pies to take.  Also, I helped with the decoration of the tables.  We had about 103 there for the meal.  There were about 42 R.V.A. kids.  They took four land-rovers and went out there for them.  Tonight we called Alan at Mom’s house.  It was 12 o’clock there and Alan had not arrived for he had to practice football in the morning.  So we called back later, and he was there.  We could hear real good the first time but the second time the reception was terrible.  Anyway it was good to hear his voice and to talk with Mom and Dad as well.

Mom, as was her want, prepared for the feast of Thanksgiving.  Since we lived fairly close to R.V.A. we would bring as many kids as four land-rovers would haul to Brakenhurst to celebrate the holiday.  Each of the land-rovers had a driver, and 42 divided by 4 is 10.5, so those cars were loaded down with hungry kids by the time they got to the hill.  I would say that Mom’s homemade cherry pies didn’t last long with that lot.

The phone service in Kenya while I was there was not that much to write home about.  As a matter of fact if you wanted to communicate writing might have been quicker.  However today we got through without much trouble except that Alan had not arrived at Mamaw’s yet.  It seems he was preparing to beat Kentucky at the time we called.  (By the way Alan your birthday wish is about to come true if we give the cats a whupping tomorrow.  See Alan’s comment on November 13th.)  We did get to talk to Alan finally and once we settled what time it was in Africa were able to carry on a fairly decent conversation.

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