November 23rd

Tuesday November 23rd, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
M.G. and I figured our 1964 U.S. Income tax this morning.  We had cake and coffee at home before going to town.  We went by and paid some on the boys Lego toy for Christmas.  This afternoon the Houser children came up to play with Alan.  We took sandwiches and went to see the movie, “The Battle at Apache Pass”.  We sat with Virginia and Ellen.  It was a pretty good movie and we enjoyed seeing the American flag in it.

They say that the only two constants in life are death and taxes.  Well my folks can “Amen” the latter because they were filling out Income tax forms in Kenya.

It seems the boys are in store for a grand Christmas this first year in Kenya.  Not only did they get a phenomenal Lego set but they also both got brand new bicycles.

We went to see a movie this evening and from Mom’s comments she enjoyed seeing the American flag more than the movie.  This movie featured one of the Duncan’s favorite western characters whose name was Jack Elam.  From his info sheet on IMDB he was a prolific actor who costarred in a variety of roles.  However we Duncan’s will always place his performance as Jake in “Support Your Local Sheriff” circa 1969 as one of his best.

2 thoughts on “November 23rd

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I see some things never change. Alex has “Lego City” on his Christmas list this year. You will have to come over and play after Santa delivers them.

  2. margiesmanna

    Tell Alex that I will be over and bring my knowledge of city planning to the party come Christmas. I can still remember the mighty cities Alan and I built with our Lego set. I also seem to recall either ingesting or losing some of the smaller pieces. Once they went through that process they were indeed gone forever. I hope Alex has as many years of fun as we did with our Lego set!

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