November 22nd

Tuesday November 22nd, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I had my hair cut and shampooed at the beauty shop.  Mrs. Turner came over about 11 o’clock to tell us that her houseboy’s child was a suspected polio case.  After lunch I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and put some shelving paper on some of the shelves.  Then I tried making some loaf bread.  It turned out pretty good-was a little heavy.  I think if I bake it at a lower temperature the next time it will be fine.  Tonight our family and the Laws went to the circus.  It was really better than I thought it would be.  We got very amused at an older man who was sitting behind Jean and Maxine.  He just laughed at everything the clowns did.  After the circus was over, we came by the Laws for cake and ice tea.  Our boys and Tim were very rowdy-tried some of the stunts they saw at the circus.

After reading Mom’s diaries for this blog I have noticed an uncomfortable truth.  My Mom did not wash her hair every day.  Maybe Mom was trying to conserve water or something but if I don’t wash what little hair I have every day we would soon be able to collect enough oil to no longer be dependent on foreign reserves.

While on the mission field you experience many heartbreaking sights that we here in the US don’t see.  I believe that God does not put us in a place and expect us to remain passive, he used my folks and me while in Africa and he still uses me today (when I let Him) to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Mom did some experimenting in the kitchen today with some surprising results.  The bread was not perfect.  Lending much truth to the statement that success is achieved only through trial and error never through trial and success.

With the circus in town the Duncan family showed up in full force.  I can imagine the elderly gentleman in my mind’s eye because I myself like clowns so much.  As a matter of fact my sweet wife would label some if not most of my actions as clown like.  It appears that after they had closed down the three ring show the kids provided the adults with a special appearance of their own making.  Knowing Alan and I it is a wonder no blood was shed during this exhibition.

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