November 20th

Thursday November 20th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to town.  We took a motor scooter into Chuck Evan’s house for one of his preachers.  We took a kongoni skin and horns, which Ramona killed when she was here, to Evelyn Moss.  She is going to mail it to Alaska when she gets to the states.  We got our Peugeot 404 moved from the police station to the garage to be repaired.  We discovered that they had pried open the back door.  Tonight we listened to the tape of Bill’s funeral.  We also heard another tape that Bill had made a year ago.

I am fairly sure that neither Dad nor Mom rode the scooter into town.  They must have put it in the back of the truck and transported it that way.  This was the motor scooter that Dad bought for Alan and I to use during our Evel Knievel stage.  Dad knew that once we saw the awesome power of this beast we would hesitate to set astride any such conveyance after we left home.

It was always more cost efficient to send stuff once you arrived in the states.  At the time that trip across the big water cost a pretty penny.  One would think that the 404 would be safe from harm sitting in the police lot.  Thankfully we had some experience and had not left anything of value in the backseat.

Death and life occurs many times while you are away on the mission field.  Dad’s brother Bill had recently passed away and we took this time to listen to his funeral.  We as Christians can rejoice about at such times is, because this is the beginning of new everlasting life and that my friends is indeed something to write home about!

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