November 19th

Sunday November 19th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning just as we got up the pastors began calling for M.G.  So we had a quick breakfast and then we took both cars and began to haul in people for the associational meeting.  We went to Gikuni and picked up 3 women and then came back by Mahinga.  They were not there.  On the way I picked up one woman and then went back for 3 more.  The meeting was not over until after 3 o’clock they choose new officers.  Tonight we had the Al Rheas for supper.  They were hoping to pick up Alf and Nancy by way of the ham radio.  We talked to Charlie and he called Alan so we got some up to date news on him.  In December he is speaking in Florida.  He got 5 points in yesterday’s game.  He missed one P.A.T.  Randy called tonight.

It was a busy morning for the Duncan’s.  Today they ran a taxi service for the associational meeting.  Evidently Mom’s job was to ferry the “wagani” (guests) to and from the meeting.  I was reading in another diary entry earlier today from 1968 and Mom was talking about how anxious she was about driving in Africa.  Yet today 10 years later she was the primary source of transportation for the meeting.

Dad and his ham radio provided us with an inexpensive way to contact and keep up with Alan.  He also made this service available to anyone that wanted or needed to get in touch with the states.  Tonight the Rheas were trying to get in touch with their son and daughter who were living in the US.  Charlie got in touch with Alan and the folks found out that he was speaking in December and helped in the victory over Ole Miss.  Although they were proud of the accomplishments on the field of play they were undoubtedly more encouraged by his active role in the “game” of life.

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