November 18th

Thursday November 18th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went into Nairobi to get my hair cut.  M.G. went out to Sharu Moyo to see Daniel and to talk to Boyd Pearce about the association meeting on Saturday.  This afternoon Edith and I went to Kibubuti to the women’s meeting.  We stayed too late and they locked the Estate gate on us.  So we took another road and ended up coming out at Limuru town.  In the meantime M.G. went looking for me the way I went so he missed me.  He was very worried about me.  We had a supper for Dr. Garner at the Bateman’s house tonight.

Mom and Dad would never consider letting us boys gamble.  Yet to have your hair cut at an overseas salon could be considered nothing but placing a bet.  This became readily apparent during one appointment right before we came back on furlough.  Mom had decided that she needed some color back in her hair for the trip home and went to the shop in Nairobi to get it done.  What she wanted was the salt and pepper look of a young, middle aged, vibrant woman.  What she got was the jet black hair of a newborn infant.  Our relatives really did think we had found the “fountain of youth” upon our return this year.

Mom and Edith were a little long winded at the meeting and got locked in.  So they did what all of us would have done and found another way home.  Yet because cell phones were not around yet and landlines were unreliable Dad did not get the message.  This may have been the instance that sparked the family rule of always being where you were supposed to be per your last conversation.  All turned out well because Mom learned a new way home even though Dad gained a few more grey hairs from the process.

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