November 17th

Monday November 17th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I spent most of the morning making my chart for my part on the program tomorrow.  I talked to Betty Evans on the phone about the program.  Phyliss Clark came in about lunch time and had a cup of coffee and some bread and butter.  Tonight the meeting began.  We didn’t get any mail today.  The electricity went off right at dark and didn’t come back on until after we had gone to bed.

It has been said that the fear of public speaking is worse than the fear of death.  I do not understand this fear but know it to be a very real one.  The only reason I can see that it ranks above death is that with death you are not around to experience the ridicule you could receive on a speech done badly.  Mom had this fear as does my wife.  Turns out she did well on the program and dodged that fateful bullet yet again.

Later on in the day she did get a chance to do what she enjoyed doing which was providing physical and spiritual comfort in a one on one setting.

The fact that we received no mail today would have been a greater catastrophe if the lights had not gone out.  Since we were in the dark and could not read anyhow the lack of mail although disappointing was not unbearable.

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