November 16th

Sunday November 16th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I taught my Sunday school class at 9 o’clock and then came home and cooked dinner.  One of the former high school boys from Mombasa came by to get three narrow ties.  Just as we were fixing to eat lunch Robert sent a note by the pastor’s son asking to be sent 15 shillings.  M.G. went out to the place where he lives to see what the problem was.  Robert seemed to have a headache so he took him some aspirins.  Tonight we ate with Joan after church.  The T.V. station was off completely tonight.  We got a letter from Char tonight.  Today’s paper told of a woman that was murdered at the soccer game.

Anytime you deal with people you are going to experience ups as well as downs.  Today Mom had to deal with providing spiritual and physical needs for those around her.  One of the hardest parts about being a missionary is realizing that you cannot help everyone.  When you see all types of suffering around you sometimes knowing you can only do so much is very frustrating.  I am sure that Mom, like I, question the Lord on why he allows me to feel this frustration.  I have the luxury of being able to apply the gift of hindsight to some of my Mom’s seemingly meaningless actions.  Time reveals that her insight lead by God’s wisdom was rewarded with success.  I can only hope that when someone looks back on my life achievements they can discern God’s hand was at work in me much like he led her in Kenya.

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