November 15th

Thursday November 15th, 1973
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to town.  Before going to town, M.G. wrote some checks and did some things that needed to be done in the office.  We went by Communications to see about picking up tapes for the language school.  While there I invited Joan Carter to eat supper with us on Tuesday night of next week when she comes here to speak to the language students.  I bought the ingredients for my Christmas fruit cake.  M.G. went this afternoon to see Ken play ball at NIS school in Nairobi.  I went to the women’s meeting at Kibubuti.  Teresia, the African women from Kamirithu went with me.  Actually I was late getting home from Nairobi and she had gone on.  Afterwards I took her near her home.

Mom and Dad plan a trip into town to get some things done.  Perhaps this is where I learned to batch my projects because you were forced to combine tasks in Kenya where resources like gas and time were at a premium.

Joan scores a meal at the Duncan house for the next week.  I am sure the prospect of Mom’s home cooking made her talk interesting yet concise.  No sense letting good food get cold on the account of education now is there?

Speaking of good food there are two items that Mom fixed that I would not eat, the aforementioned (earlier in the blog this year) ham salad and Christmas fruitcake.  Why Mom would use her excellent cooking skills on something like fruitcake was beyond me!

Dad got to “enjoy” watching me play soccer this afternoon.  Mom probably experienced more excitement at the women’s meeting.

She was pleased to see that Teresia had left for the meeting without her because that meant that Teresia had taken at least some ownership in the project.  Mom knew that the day would come when she would no longer be there and if the work were to continue the local women would have to take a leadership role.

1 thought on “November 15th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I’m right there with you on the fruitcake!

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