Novermber 13th

Sunday November 13th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went to Sunday school and church.  None of the Chavda family came today for Shelia said that they would have to stay at home and entertain all the Diwali guests.  Yesterday was the Hindu New Year.  We had lunch with Molly and Jim today.  She had chicken and dressing, cauliflower, creamed potatoes, and I took jello and cranberry sauce.  Also I gave her some pumpkin and she made some pies.  Russ Stroud, the American from Dallas, also ate with her.  He is planning to go to Malindi this coming week to work on the space program.  Tonight we showed the slides of the baptismal service and had a business meeting at our church.  We gave Alan his soccer ball today for his birthday.  I never realized 8 years ago that I would ever be in Africa!

1 thought on “Novermber 13th

  1. Alan


    Thanks for the video birthday wishes, as I celebrate the 20th Anniversary, of my 29th birthday. I’m looking at a picture in my office, showing you and me with our feet propped together on that first soccer ball. You really never know! Keep up the good work on Margie’s Manna, and I know that we are all blessed that you can use her wealth of spiritual wisdom to influence many for Christ, years after she has gone on to be with the Lord.

    Anyway, wish we could celebrate together, but lookng forward to that time in 2008. In the meantime, I offer my sincerest wishes that the Vols STOMP Vandy and Kentucky over the following weekends. That would be a wonderful birthday present, extended over two weeks. GO BIG ORANGE! Alan in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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