November 12th

Sunday November 12th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Kambaa to pick up the women there for our women’s meeting.  Nancy Jones went to the meeting and spoke on health to the women.  Cherry drove a car load down, but did not stay.  Elizabeth, the Kenya leader from Nairobi was there.  We got home about 3:00pm and learned the M.G. had locked himself out of the house.  He had been to Nairobi to pick up a tourist, Don Hill from Kingsport, Tennessee.  He knew Bob Johnson who is active with the Gideon Bible Society.  Tonight Bryant Hicks and Enos (the pastor form Kambaa) had supper here.  We got Charlie on the ham.  He called Alan on the phone.  He was at Mary’s place for lunch.  Charlie told us that on the last Sunday in November Powell First Baptist Church was having “Alan Duncan” day.

Dad got to play the taxi service for the “Mrs. Daisy’s” today.  It seems he headed up the carpool to get the women from there villages to the meeting point.

Aunt Nancy was not only my next door neighbor but she was also a competent nurse.  One must realize that being a nurse in Kenya entails much more than standard nurse duties.  She has on several occasions given me shots and has also stitched me up a time or three.  Because she used her God given talent in his service one young m.k. made it into adulthood much healthier than he deserved.

Dad picked up Don Hill in Nairobi and probably assumed he would be carting a “tourist” around to see some sights.  Don changed that image immediately because he was and is very involved in the Gideon Bible group.  Here is a businessman that realizes God has given him a purpose.   Don, like other Tennessee businessmen I know, has set a high standard for selfless service to our Lord.

Maybe this “lockout” episode prompted the hiding of the secret key outside the Duncan household.  I will not mention the spot in case the key is still there.

Mom and Dad fixed supper for the guests and then got a chance to talk to Alan via Charlie and the ham radio.  I know that Mom and Dad had quite a moment when they heard the news of the upcoming “Alan” day.  They are still waiting for the long overdue “Ken Duncan” day.  However, knowing my dad and brother’s skill at all things computer I could Photoshop a flyer from my home church and … aw, never mind!

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