November 10th and 11th

Tuesday and Wednesday November 10th and 11th, 1970
Limuru and Treetops, Kenya
This morning we left around 8:30am to go to Treetops to spend the night.  We stopped in Thika to see Monty and Windy for a few minutes.  We ate lunch at the Outspan hotel, and then rode in landrovers up to Treetops.  A white hunter carried a gun and led the way.  We had tea at 4 o’clock at Treetops.  Everyone had to be quiet and watch the animals.  The rooms were not fancy but they were clean and it was very relaxing.

This morning we had tea when we got up at Treetops and then went back to the Outspan hotel for breakfast.  We found out during the night hyenas had eaten a buffalo alive that had gotten stuck in the mud.  I was asleep when it happened, but M.G. had heard them but did not see it.  Carolyn saw it.  We went by Molly’s place before coming on home.  Tonight we showed Carolyn and Judy some of our slides.  I had fried chicken for supper and raspberry pie.

I have decided to pair these two consecutive days to keep continuity.  Evidently we became acquainted with Carolyn and Judy whilst in our travels and decided to show them some of the real sights of Kenya.  We took them to visit Treetops which is a truly magnificent lodge in the Aberdare National Park.  Among the many claims to fame this area has are, the burial place of William Baden Powell and the spot where Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth.  Mom and Dad’s trip proved to be slightly less exciting but much more relaxing.  Mom fell asleep so she missed the carnage at the water hole.  Dad, who had experienced hyenas much closer, woke up but soon drifted back to sleep once he determined the cause of the ruckus.  Carolyn and Judy had the time of their lives and continued on their way well fed and awed at the wonder of Africa.

1 thought on “November 10th and 11th

  1. Cindy

    Would the chicken your Mom fried for supper, be the same chicken she had her picture made with?

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