November 9th


Tuesday November 9th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
M.G. and I took Robert (our yard boy) out to his village this morning to get us some banana plants.  We met several of his relatives, and some of them were “bare chested”.  The women had Robert to climb a coconut tree and get some coconuts.  Then they served us one each.  I couldn’t drink all of mine so one of the women just started drinking it where I had left lipstick and all!  They had chickens tied to a log in the yard to keep them from eating their corn.  Also, they had a goat in one of the huts, and a big old rooster.  The women gave Robert some maize meal to bring home with him.  They reinforced the bag with banana leaves.  Tonight we saw the movie,”Tiko and the Shark”.

Dad and Mom go home with Robert on a field trip.  I don’t know if they were looking for these fruit trees for ornamental or utilitarian purposes but not only did they get the plants they saw some other “hanging fruit”!  This soon became a common sight to us but I’m sure Mom and Dad were not used to the “African” way of dress just yet.

The folks were able to taste coconut fresh from the tree today.   I am not a big fan of fresh coconut milk but Dad must have liked the stuff because he finished his off.  Mom on the other hand left the best part of the juice in the nut and those uninhibited women drank the rest of the nectar and got some lipstick to boot!

Mom was amazed at all the animals living in such close proximity to the hut.  She was judging these people by standards set in America not understanding the reasons to keep your livestock (wealth) close to home.

Mom and Dad made it home in time to see a movie that showed in Africa before its release in the US, a first for Kenya I am sure!

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