November 8th

Wednesday November 8th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we got to take it easy for the boys did not have to go to school.  The KPE was being given at their school.  Alan went to spend the day with his Belgium friend and Tim Law played all morning with Ken.  I had Richard and the girls for dinner.  Betty has gone to Arusha to learn how to set up a Clinic.  Tonight we had ladies Bible study here.  Robert told us that Kombo was going to get the witch doctor after Simeon.

It does not matter which continent you live on everybody likes to get out of school.  Alan and Ken and the folks enjoy a brief respite from learning and work to relax and play in the African sun.  Alan played away from the house while Ken the homebody invited Tim up to play.  Not that bad a deal for Tim because he got to enjoy Mom’s cooking even if the playtime company was somewhat odd.

Mom was exercising her gift again today in the form of cooking for the Uncle Richard and his two girls.  One of these girls had heard that Alan was getting a G.I. Joe for his birthday and promptly asked him when he wanted her to bring Barbie down so they could play dolls.  Needless to say when Alan got wind of the plan the G.I. Joe plans died an ugly death.  I don’t know if Dad will admit it but I think he was kind of happy with Alan’s reaction.

I don’t know what feud Kombo and Simeon had going on but this was a real threat in Kenya.  The witch doctor plays and interesting and often powerful part in the daily lives of these people.  From personal experience I can tell you that even though they are doing simple parlor tricks the mental impact on the public is huge.  One of the reasons I did magic shows during my later years was to counter the destructive pall that “witch doctors” had placed on parts of Kenya.  The only way in my opinion to win in this war is to educate the young people to the wiles of these pretenders.

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