November 7th

Friday November 7th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This afternoon I went to Nairobi to get my hair cut and shampooed.  Afterwards we went to the movie and when we came out at 8:15 our car was stolen.  We reported it to the police.  We borrowed Jay Stewart’s car to come home in.  We had the cylinder head for Will Jay Holden’s car in our trunk so it was a great loss to lose this.

This was probably one of the more expensive movies Dad and Mom attended.  For the price of admission they lost a car and a cylinder head.  Thievery within one’s own tribe is a rare thing.  However if you could steal something from another tribe and not get caught you were viewed as smart.  We were the victims of several crimes that I can remember.  Each one makes you feel a little less safe and a little more violated.  I do not think we were the target of any malicious intent it is just there was such a wide gap between the haves and the have not’s.

One of the things that missionaries face every day is the responsibility of telling someone who is starving about the bread of life.  I mentioned to my wife the other day that my big worry at breakfast was not was I going to eat, but what I was going to eat.  Perhaps Mom’s lesson to me today is to build up treasures in heaven where moths, rust, and thieves cannot destroy.

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