November 6th

Wednesday November 6th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. drove the children into school and went on into town.  He was back by 10:30.  He checked at the Assembly and found out for sure that John, our shamba worker, had gotten a ½ gallon of milk and charged it to our account.  So he let him go but gave him bus money for transportation back to Mombasa which is his home.  I had Robert make some cookies for Alan and together we fried some potato chips.  This afternoon M.G. went to Kijabi to see Alan’s game.  R.V.A. won 3 to 1.  Alan made the first goal.  Nancy Jones and I went to Rosslyn to see Ken and Andy play.  Rosslyn won 2 to 1.  Ken did some real good plays.  As M.G. was coming back from Kijabe he had to wait quite awhile behind a big truck that was stalled on the hill.  We got a letter from Mom Rains today.  I sent Alan cinnamon rolls, cookies, and potato chips.

Dad pulled carpool duty today so he had to haul the young ones into school.  I am sure the whole trip down and back he was rehearsing his speech to our yard worker John.  Sometimes you keep giving people chances to redeem themselves and they keep messing it up.  John had been given many strikes and this last one proved too much.  Dad had to let him go but still paid for his trip home.

Robert and Mom meanwhile cranked up the kitchen to prepare for the twice a week transfer of baked goods from our kitchen to Alan’s dorm.

We were a family divided today as I had a soccer game at my school and Alan also played at his.  Knowing the quality of my abilities and the glowing description given by Mom I would say Dad got to see the better of the two games.  Victory however is always sweet and both sons celebrated this evening.

Dad got to enjoy another of Africa’s pleasures this evening in the form of a broken down truck.  That is the way things go on one lane highways that are made of mud in the wilds of Kenya.  I sure he took the time to reflect on the full day of activities and assuaged his anxiousness with a cookie or two.

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