November 5th

Friday November 5th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I sorted through our mail.  We are needing to get a letter off to several G.A.’s.  Robert mixed up a batch of cookies.  M.G. went to Mary Saunders and worked on her record player.  Then he worked on our car and the truck.  This afternoon we picked up the boys at school and went into Nairobi.  M.G. needed to get a part for the car.  The boys looked at the toys and books in Woolworths.  Also I went to the vegetable market.  In the store next to the market, I overheard two women asking the storekeeper why the rubber point was on the toothbrush.  He told her that it was to hang into a hole in the bathroom.  Ken spent the night with the Yeagers and Alan stayed with the Tidenburgs.

Before the advent of the internet, email, and text messaging letter writing was the way to communicate.  We would try to send out form letters ever so often and Mom and Dad always had R.A. and G.A. groups with which to keep in touch.  My wife Cindy and her church even communicated with my folks at one time long before they had heard of Ken Duncan.  Even with this one strike against me she still married me!

Dad would have played the part of the “tinker” in the early west.  It seems he was always in demand to fix a record player, car, or washing machine.  All these were self taught skills learned by necessity.  In my case the “apple” did not fall to far from the tree since I am the technology geek of the family.  Alan on the other hand would not know a torx head screwdriver if you threw it at him.  He did however get the preacher gene of which I am sadly lacking.

While Mom and Dad were getting the staples for life Alan and I were taking care of the things that really needed attention, Toys!

Sometime this evening after they dropped off us boys I bet Mom asked Dad why toothbrushes have a rubber point on one end.  Either that of when she got home she spent a considerable amount of time in the “choo” (Swahili for bathroom) trying to find the hanger spot.

1 thought on “November 5th

  1. Cindy

    Kenny was the MK for the church I grew up in. We collected money to send him gifts. He found a card from a lady in the church. Who would have thought 20 some years later we would be married.

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