November 4th

Saturday November 4th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I fixed breakfast for Arthur who spent the night here.  Before we had finished Samweli came in so he ate what was left.  Then M.G. took Samweli t Gikuni to tell them that he would not be there for the meeting.  Then he and M.G. came back for the meeting out here.  I shampooed my hair and fixed lunch for Arthur and M.G.  About the time that we finished lunch Mildred Cagle came in to borrow a dress pattern.  Then right after that Donnie and Dewanie from Mombasa came but to leave some things to send to their boys at R.V.A.  At 3:30 we left with the Evans to go to R.V.A. to see Ken and Charles.  We took a picnic supper.  Ken crawled in the truck with us and talked for awhile and then went to sleep.  Tonight we went to hear Bryant Hicks speak.

I bet sometimes Mom thought the day could not end soon enough.  Reading today’s entry makes it seem like she was cooking and having some kind of meal function from dawn to dusk.  Arthur knew he was in for a great meal the night before, however Samweli got to join in by the luck of the draw.

Dad, Arthur, and Samweli must have been attending some meeting we were having on the hill.  So after delivering the news to Gikuni Dad and Samweli returned to the festivities at Brackenhurst.

Mom most likely cooked most of the morning for the lunch spread and it was a good thing she did.  Mildred and the D’s show up around the noon hour and although she did not say it I bet Mildred got more than a dress pattern and the D’s well they went away satisfied.  Sometimes you are just fortunate and your timing is just right.

The folks packed up for the trip to the Rift and got there just in time to feed me and watch me go to sleep.  Boy I’ll bet I was some entertaining company that night for sure.  Evidently they enjoyed such good camaraderie that they rushed home to hear Mr. Hicks speak!

2 thoughts on “November 4th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    You may have posted this earlier, but how long were you at R.V.A.? Just curious.

  2. margiesmanna

    I attended the R.V.A. all of my 9th grade year, most of my 10th grade year, and all of my Junior and Senior year. I graduated in late 1979 and started UT in the fall. I was at the rift about 3 and a half years total.


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