November 3rd

Thursday November 3rd, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I went to teach my Bible Class at the Y.W.C.A. and M.G. taught at the primary school.  It was really raining for awhile this morning, but the sun came out before lunch time.  We went to Marshall Phillip’s office this morning and we went to the salad bowl for tea.  He told us that he thought he would close the work down in “old town”.  We just don’t have anyone to put the time that we need to make a “go” of it.  This afternoon we took Ken to the dentist and he had two teeth filled.  Also we had Alan and Ken’s hair cut.  We came by the high school and invited Ellen and Sally to go to the movie, “The King and I” tonight.

During our first term in Kenya Mom and Dad taught English Bible classes at various schools in Mombasa.  Remember they were too old to learn the language when we arrived in Kenya.  Yet after living on the coast for 3 years they grew younger and able to take the rigors of Swahili training in their next term.

The rainy weather on the coast reminds me of rain on the islands of the Bahamas.  It usually comes in short bursts and is warm, hence the name “liquid sunshine”.

Knowing where to spend your time is always a concern of the missionary.  With the fields “white unto harvest” as Matthew 9:36-38 says, the question my folks asked themselves was always where can I be of most service for the Lord?

This afternoon is was time to get caught up on dental hygiene and physical appearance.  This was evidently prior to Mom’s purchase of the clippers, which was the feared instrument of torture that Alan and I ran from during later years.

Movie night with the Duncan’s, I am sure the grownups were enthralled with the choice of entertainment but Alan and I would have rather seen James Bond or “The Duke”.  However, I am told this was one of Yule Brynners shining moments.  But I know for a fact I liked him better in “The Magnificent Seven”!

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