November 1st


Saturday November 1st, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning M.G. made my picture with Monicah presenting me with the rooster that she gave me a few days ago.  Also he made Edna and Joyce with Monicah presenting them with a hen.  Robert and Ken killed my rooster this morning.  M.G. and Ken began a pen for Ken’s rabbit.  Helen Gilmore came over this afternoon and visited for awhile, and she will spend the night tonight.  I went to church with M.G. tonight and Robert kept the boys.  Two of the students kept wanting money today.  We learned from Helen that her houseboy had died.

Everybody likes to have their picture taken.  Even folks who say they don’t secretly do.  The Kenyan’s made no bones about capturing the moment on film.  Mom and the other ladies were glad to pose with the presentation of the birds.  Edna and Joyce got the better part of the bargain because the hen could have laid eggs.  The only thing that rooster was good for was cooking and as I recall he was tough.  I guess you can’t blame him though you would have to be somewhat stout to survive a bird’s life in Kenya.

Robert and Ken went about preparing the fowl for the pot.  I will not go into much detail but I did find out there was much truth to the statement, “running around like a rooster with his head cut off!”

As I recall this rabbit was to be a pet, although I bet he got kind of nervous after seeing us dispatch the rooster so soon after he joined our happy clan.

I am sure Mom enjoyed the fellowship with Helen today and also looked forward to more of her company tonight.  Having three boys, counting Dad, in the family limits your “girl talk” conversation time.

Students are much the same the world over.  The one constant that they think they always need is more money.  I can’t come down too hard on them though because even now that thought crosses my mind when my month is longer than my paycheck.

Helen, like us, always tried to witness to our helpers.  We realized that although we enjoyed the benefits of their help, and they enjoyed the status and monetary benefits of working for missionaries, their eternal position was always foremost on our minds.

1 thought on “November 1st

  1. Cindy

    Did your Momma actually have to touch the chicken when they gave it to her?

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