October 31st

Saturday October 31st, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning just as we were finishing breakfast two of M.G.’s preachers came by to talk to him.  Ken went to a birthday party in Nairobi for Matthew Yeager.  Nancy took him and Tom in, and M.G. and I picked them up after “play-day” at the Cunninghams.  I took raspberry ice cream and deviled eggs.  Robert asked for 250 shillings today and M.G. asked him what he needed it for but he never would tell him.  He gave him 60 shillings on his next month’s salary.  The M.K.’s on the hill went around trick or treat tonight.  I made chocolate chip cookies to give them.  M.G. took Emmit Ray out to preach in the village this afternoon and they didn’t have anyone to translate.

Happy Halloween to one and all, this American tradition was not understood very well in Kenya.  The sight of a lit jack-o-lantern on our front porch always led to some entertainment.  We finally quit putting one out because the locals knew that those crazy “wazungu’s” were in cahoots with spirits.

Even on Saturday Dad was still doing his mission work.  At least he got to carry on the conversation on a full stomach.

Tom Jones and I went into town to Matthew’s party and must have missed fun day.  I am sure the Yeager’s had some good food but even now I miss the taste of that ice cream.

Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves.  I am sure that this is what Dad was trying to do with Robert.

I guess it is a bygone day when you would let your kids eat a homemade chocolate chip cookie on Halloween.  Sometimes progress is not all it is cracked up to be.

Dad took Mr. Ray out to one of our preaching points today but they missed a blessing because no one could be found that could speak Kikuyu and Dad could not handle the Swahili at this time.  I am sure this spurred Dad on in his quest to learn the language so the people we had traveled so far to reach could understand.

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