October 30th

Thursday October 30th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Robert made bread and buns.  I just did the usual household chores.  This afternoon we took our Peugeot 403 into town to have the scratch repaired that I put on it on Tuesday when I tried to come through the Rhea’s fence.  It will cost 700 shillings.  M.G. also left a part of a car to be worked on.  Then we went to the movie “Super Cops”.  We stopped by the Bethea’s house and he gave M.G. some tips.

Robert was hard at work today making bread and buns for some upcoming social no doubt.  Once he got the hang of the recipes Mom would just let him run with them.  Before he left our employ if you could show him a recipe he could cook it, he would have been a food network star for sure if they would have had such a thing then.

Mom was not specific about the usual chores.  Since we lived in Kenya those could range from washing and ironing to catching and cutting up dinner for tonight.

I guess everyone has a story like this one.  I was just driving the car and it got out of control and tried to go through the fence.  To Dad’s credit I did not hear him say a thing to Mom he just forked out the money and then took her to dinner and a movie.  Looks like I can still learn things from my Dad also.

Mom did not elaborate on the movie.  After looking it up on the internet I think she most likely thought this kind of lifestyle could not possibly be true.  One of the great gifts that Mom gave to me was her attitude of always trying to think the best of people.

I don’t know what kind of tips Dad got from Dr. Bethea but I would say they had something to do with his or his pastor’s health and well being.

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