October 29th

Monday October 29th, 1973
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. tried working at putting a transformer in the attic to take care of our electric tooth brushes in the bathroom.  Too he worked on putting up his ham radio antenna.  Today was a Kenya holiday so Robert was not here.  I washed Alan’s clothes that he sent home.  Too, I made a golden bubble ring for him.

Dad has always been a handy guy to have around.  In all the years that I have known him, which come to think of it is all my life he has always had the ability to fix things.  Dad was putting a transformer in our attic so we would not have to carry transformers from room to room to make our American appliances work.

He went from this job to rigging his ham antenna off the back of our garage/work shop.  This was his first antenna which was an inverted “V” or G5RV style.  Soon however we bumped it up a notch to the quad version that really put out the signal.  5Z4OL, Dad’s call sign in Kenya was soon broadcasting and gathering information all across our great earth.  For a short while Dad even was part of the “halo” net that keep contact with missionaries on a regular schedule for the mission board.

Mom did her usual great job of keeping our family fed and clothed, most of the time without a word of thanks from either son.  Mom I know it’s kind of late but, “Thanks!”

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