October 28th

Thursday October 28th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This afternoon I went to Mahinga to the women’s meeting.  Again they asked me why I had only two children so I told them that two was enough for me.  Every time I go there they ask me this question.  We went to R.V.A. to watch Alan play soccer.  He did real well but R.V.A. beat them.

The African culture says that the more children you have the better off you will be.  It is a tossup whether you want more boys or girls though.  If your family leans towards the male sector you will have more workers for your “shamba” and your lineage will continue.  If on the other hand your quiver is full of females you will always come out on the plus side come wedding time because of the bride price.  These ladies could not understand why Mom only had us two boys.  However, what we lacked in quantity Alan and I made up in quality!

This loss to R.V.A. was pretty much the norm when Rosslyn played soccer.  I am sure Alan did well but he was no match for a team that could practice till dark afterschool because they lived there.

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