October 27th

Monday October 27th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went walking with Boyd and Syd and their dog.  After breakfast we had our devotional reading and discussed a few words in Swahili.  Later in the morning we went out to the Assembly for tea time.  We got a newspaper from Neva and the Baptist Student with a write ups about Alan.  We also, got the same newspaper from Oak Ridge without a name.  We received a letter from Mom and one from a man in Knoxville who wants to send M.G. some fruit trees.  He had heard Ken speak.  This afternoon I went to Kibubuti for the women’s meeting.  Tonight M.G. and I went to the drive in.  We took our supper.

Since Mom and Dad had kicked us kids out it seems they had a little more time to exercise.  Boyd and Syd were also in the same boat so I bet the dog was living large and loving it.

I have said that these diaries are full of wisdom from Mom.  Here we are approximately 15 years from the day we set foot in Kenya and Mom is still working on her language skills.  She, like Paul, had a thorn in her flesh but she refused to let it slow her down.

I would say those newspaper articles made the rounds at tea time.  Anytime one of your own gets some good press you can’t help but do a little bragging.

I would like to know what I said at this man’s meeting to inspire him to send Dad some fruit trees.  Whatever it was he now made it him mission to work on importing those saplings into the country post haste.

Tonight was date night for Mom and Dad.  Mom did not mention the name of the movie which can only mean one thing.  She must have fallen to sleep pretty fast to not even see the opening credits.  They did get to enjoy a meal together before the sand man struck with a vengeance.

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