October 26th

Thursday October 26th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
I went to the school this morning and worked on the books.  Then I went downtown to grocery shop and to the post office.  This afternoon M.G. took Truman Smith to the airport.  Tim Law came up to play with Ken, and then after Alan came home from school there was a yard full of Africans here playing soccer with Alan.  Tonight I stayed home with Alan and Ken and Alan said,” Mom it’s good to have a night with you.”  (I had been gone for 3 nights.)  M.G. went to the movie, “Three Days in Peking”.  Simeon told M.G. today that Jane was pregnant.

Mom was a great bookkeeper.  When we came back from the US on our second term she even taught bookkeeping in Nairobi high school.  Why this wizardry with numbers was not passed to her younger son is a mystery that will only be solved at Judgment.

Dad provided the taxi service for the mission big wig.  I guess he was able to enjoy a little face time with Truman on the trip.

This afternoon Alan organized the locals into teams and we had at it in our backyard.  Who could have imagined that a little over 9 years later skills learned that day would propel Alan to University of Tennessee’s football team.  Even today some of his records still rank among the top “10” lists all because he started young and stayed with it.  I hate to say it but Alan teaches some pretty good lessons also.

There are times when son’s can melt their Mom’s hearts and Alan’s comment tonight was one such event.  Knowing Alan and myself I would say that 24 hours did not pass till we brought her close to tears with some bonehead move we pulled.

Evidently when Dad came home from the movie and was explaining the plot to Mom 52 days were lost in the translation.  Knowing Mom and here “love” for movies I don’t find this hard to believe.

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