October 25th

Monday October 25th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
Jo Ann Travis came by this morning for me and she and I then picked up Ellen Dossett.  We went to the airport to meet Dr. Goerner and Dr. Jess Fletcher.  We went on to chapel at the high school where Dr. Fletcher spoke.  He gave a very nice talk on “Fear” which I thought was very timely for the boys.  Dr. Fletcher and Ellen ate lunch with us, and Dr. Goerner ate with the Travis family.  Tonight we had supper all together at the Tipton’s house.  I made 3 chocolate pies for the occasion, and everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  Dr. Goerner told us of late developments in the Baptist world.  The tours to East Africa now are for 3 years.

I am not sure why the three amigos were sent to pick up the big wigs.  I can’t speak for Jo Ann or Ellen but Mom wasn’t going to lug any suitcases anywhere.  I guess the Mombasa station just wanted the first sight these dignitaries had of our station was a pretty one.

Dr. Fletcher must have been some kind of guy to get off the plane and immediately give a speech.  I did notice that he spoke on “fear” and he had just landed on terra firma from flying a DC-9 prop plane to the coast.  Coincidence, I think not, I would be willing to bet that he finalized a lot of his illustrations on the trip down.

Lunch and supper seemed to go without a hitch and everyone enjoyed Mom’s contribution.  As I have stated before whenever a person arrived from the states he or she was debriefed extensively by the mission folk present.  Mom seemed excited that we only had to be in country for 3 years at a time.

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