October 24th

Sunday October 24th, 1976
Williamsburg, Kentucky
This morning we had breakfast at the Cumberland College Cafeteria.  Then we came back to our motel and was picked up to go to our church that we were to speak in.  I was picked up by a lady whose name was Elizabeth Angel and she took me to the Sandstone Baptist Church.  It rained all the way there.  I understood that they were to feed me lunch, but they didn’t so I came back to the hotel and went to a nearby cafeteria to eat by myself.

People tend to think of a missionary coming home from the field to rest.  Whenever Mom and Dad hit the US they began a whirlwind tour of local churches speaking sometimes 2 and 3 times per week.  Rest was the farthest thing from what happened on “furlough”.

Today when Alan comes home it is called “Stateside Assignment”.  This is closer to what our time in the states became, an extension of our work overseas.

Mom and Dad never complained that I can remember they were just glad to get back to Kenya where the pace of life was a little calmer.

I am sure Mom did not mind eating by herself; sometimes being anonymous is good for the soul.

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