October 23rd

Wednesday October 23rd, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. drove the children to school and went on into town to see about getting the Land-Rover properly licensed.  They told him that they had lost the records and for him to come back tomorrow.  I went to the Assembly about 10:30am to tell the language school folks about what to bring on Sunday night for our covered dish supper.  I went to the garden and got us some carrots, onions, and a head of lettuce.   I made a cake to take to Kijabe and fried two chickens.  We left to go to Kijabe at 3:15pm.  When we arrived the second team was playing.  The first team got started about 5 o’clock.  The first half R.V.A. did not do well at all.  In fact the score was Lenana 2 R.V.A. 0.  Soon after the second half got started Alan made a goal and then pretty soon he made another one.  When the game was over R.V.A. won 6 to 2, and Alan had made 3 goals.  He was really thrilled.  Marlene and Jeff ate supper with us.  I took the food that was left over to Alan’s room.  Sally Conley came out for a short visit tonight.

Dad had been in Kenya almost 10 years by this time and he was just beginning to understand Africa time.  What doesn’t get done today can wait for tomorrow.  I am sure that far from being frustrated Dad just took it in stride and made the best of his trip in the unlicensed truck.

Mom spent part of the morning planning a party with the language school.  This type of work was best left to her because she could take a good idea and make it work.  I am more like my Dad, long on great ideas but short on implementation.  However, both of us married up and found wives that make us look real good!

Mom started laying the groundwork for the meal to come by making that perennial favorite-fried chicken.  Nothing says loving like deep fried bird.  I guess all Baptist ministers come by that honestly.

Alan “kicks” some major tail in the soccer game tonight and receives a king’s welcome at the table.  I am positive that while Alan was basking in the glory of a game well fought Jeff (his roommate) was counting his chickens and eating them at the same time.  Imagine his joy when he knew that the leftovers were headed for his room.  Looks like a party in Duncan’s room after study hall tonight!

After what can only be described as a feast Mom and Dad leave R.V.A. to meet up with friends and neighbors at home for a little R and R.

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