October 22nd

Wednesday October 22nd, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Robert baked the refrigerator cookies and I made tuna fish salad.  This afternoon I took the boys a picnic supper as they were not coming home.  Alan played soccer at Strathmore and they got beat 5 to 2.  Alan made one goal.  Ken played at Starehe and R.V.A. won 2 to 1.  It was raining so it was terribly muddy.  When M.G. and I got home the electricity was off.  It kept coming on and off so we finally just went to bed.

Throughout this year you have seen me mention the name Robert.  He was our house helper for many years.  Under Mom’s patient (not always) guidance he became a great cook.  This freed Mom up so that she could minister out and about in our local churches.

Dinner on the ground Duncan style had a special meaning for the folks at R.V.A.  Alan and I both found friends we did not know we had on nights when Mom and the banquet showed up.  Actually, to our credit we realized how good we had it and would try to spread the love around especially to the kids who did not get to see their folks quite as often.

In a strange twist of fate Alan and I swapped roles today.  His team went down to a humiliating defeat and my team flew to gates of victory.  Needless to say as brothers this did nothing but fuel the rivalry between us.  Don’t get mad at me I have to take my sports victories where I can get them!

Usually when we had rainy weather the power grid would suffer some sort of failure.  Tonight it seems that Tigoni was the lucky area and had sporadic service most of the evening.  We learned to light the gas lantern and use it to read or just go to bed and wait for dawn.  Mom and Dad choose the latter and probably rested better than most that evening.

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