October 21st

Saturday October 21st, 1978
Mombasa and on the Train
We got up this morning and it was raining, but stopped pretty soon.  Randy, Betty, Ken, and I went to the Nyali Beach Hotel to swim in the pool.  M.G. went to the Board meeting and didn’t get back until about 5:00pm.  For lunch Randy fixed shish kebabs and they were very good.  This afternoon Randy went to a meeting.  Betty, Ken, and I talked most of the afternoon.  At 10:30pm we heard that Alabama was 13 and UT was 3.  We hope that this means Alan made a nice long field goal.  At 11:00pm we were at Voi.

I was celebrating a long week-end from minimum security lockup-I mean R.V.A. so we must have decided to live it up at the coast.  Sometimes my high school felt like a penitentiary.  After all we had the bad food, 24 hour surveillance, and uniforms that you had to wear.  But I guess looking back on those days all that structure was good for me.  Please note I am not itching to go back.

Looks like Dad really did go to the “bored” meeting.  He left around 8:30am and did not get back till 5:00pm!  I did not know there were that many decisions to make when you are running a country much less a high school.

Randy and Betty are my cousins and I really enjoyed having them on the field with us.  Randy evidently was showing his culinary skills today at lunch and wowed us with the kebabs.  It is a pity he also had to attend a meeting that afternoon.

Mom, Betty, and I felt left out that afternoon so we just held a meeting of our own.  I am sure that we solved more pressing problems that Dad and Randy put together.  If I know Betty and Mom most of the discussion revolved around how I would convince my latest heartthrob at school to see things my way and pledge her undying love to me.  It seems that like Tennessee I was destined to lose at the game.  Although I like my brother had a moment when it looked like a comeback was in the making.

We boarded the train back to Nairobi that night and traveled into the darkness lulled to sleep by the rhythmic clicking of the rails.

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