October 20th

Thursday October 20th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
Kenyatta Day
The boys were off from school today, and of course Simeon and Robert were off from work.  I washed one load of clothes and a bedspread.  We had a light lunch.  I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for my meal tonight.  We had three sailors to eat with us.  One was from Knoxville. (Cecil Ford)  I fed them wart hog.  They ate “with extreme caution”.  I made my first rolls today and they turned out real good.  M.G. had to go to an associational meeting all morning long.

Any day when Alan and I were off from school was a great day.  We have always played well together and besides the normal brotherly “love” we survived the day quite well.

Mom spent most of today trying to get the house ready for tonight.  I guess she thought those sailors would head back to the ship and report on the conditions at the house and she wanted a good grade.

Feeding guests wild meat was always good entertainment for us.  This must have been before we learned that you let your guests eat first then tell them what they are eating.  Warthogs may not win any outer beauty contest but pork fat in any form is a good thing.  The sailors did not die but I bet they had bragging rights on the ship after consumption of the bristly wart faced pig.  Maybe the reason Mom’s rolls were such a hit was because these guys knew what flour, yeast, and water looked like in their natural state.

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