October 19th

Wednesday October 19th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I shampooed my hair.  Then I went to Tigoni to get some whipping cream and on to Limuru to get a case of cokes.  M.G. went to R.V.A. to pick up Ken and Carl Middelton.  This afternoon M.G. and I went out to the Batemans for a tea for the missionaries who are here for the Communications Conference.  We got a July 14th, 1977 edition of the “Clinton Courier” today and it had Alan’s name in it for being on U.T. honor roll.  He was listed in the highest honors.  We are real pleased that he is doing so well.  The Labrentz boy and Mueller boy who ran away from Rosslyn were found in Mombasa near the ferry asleep under some bushes.

Mom took a little time to primp herself before preparing for the return of her youngest son from boarding school.  Later that morning Ken and his buddy Carl hit the homestead with a vengeance.  I am sure the cream was used for ice cream at some time during the week and the cokes were consumed with equal relish.

Dad and Mom went to the neighbors for some merrymaking with some mission folk and got to enjoy a nice cup of tea for their journey.

While we were in Kenya you always dreaded yet anticipated something that arrived by “Boat Mail”.  Today we got a “Clinton Courier” from two months past however it had good news about Alan in it.  Alan seems to have done well in his studies while in the US and therefore had made the honor roll.  My parents did not have to concern themselves with Ken attaining such high acclaim because I was barely able to cram 4 years into 6 at the university.  Perhaps the fact that I can now work on “comupters” but still not spell correctly will not detract from my usefulness to the human race.

These kids really made tracks for youngsters in a land where they had to stand out.  I am not sure what they were running from, but their options were rather limited at the destination because of their race and age.

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