October 18th

Saturday, October 18th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I prepared lunch for Ricky Marrow.  We had hot dogs, backed beans, slaw, cassava, chocolate cake, and tea.  I made potato salad and pimento cheese for tonight.  I made a cake for tomorrow.  Then right after lunch I made a freezer of strawberry ice cream.  We had a “get together” over at the Cunningham’s place-played volleyball and other games.  We got letters today from Mama, Uncle Kyle, and Hazel Snyder.  We took our folding table out to the Cunningham’s, and when we opened it up there where the kitchen curtains that I had up in Clinton and two scrap books.  This was our first time to use the table.

Mom was known for her cooking.  Lucky for Ricky Marrow he happened to be around at lunch time.  Mom was also getting a head start on the cooking for the festivities tonight at our neighbors.

The Cunningham’s started these “get together” soon after they arrived in Kenya.  They later developed into “Fun Day”.  Basically they were a time when any missionary who was in town could come out to the Cunningham’s and let off some steam, gain encouragement, or just spend some time with adults while the kids were involved in the organized games.

Letters from home always brought welcome news and were consumed with joy like the strawberry ice cream.

Sometimes a surprise can be a great thing.  I don’t remember being around when the folding table revealed it’s package but I bet that it became the topic of the day at the picnic!

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