October 17th

Friday October 17th, 1981
Baptist Hospital-Knoxville, Tennessee
I had a pretty good night’s rest last night.  Fairly early this morning they took me for a lung scan and learned before the day was over that it was negative.  Needless to say I was very pleased about this and thankful to the Lord.  A lady named Mildred Cagle came to see me today.  Her son is a good friend of Alan and Andrea.  She brought me roses from her back yard.  Tonight I didn’t have too many visitors so M.G. and I just had a quiet night together.  We looked at T.V. a bit.  Two young men who work here as orderlies came to see us after 10 o’clock, their names were Noe and Hammett.  Their parents were members of our church at Ridgedale.  Alan called just before I went to sleep.  This made me so happy.

This entry is from right after the first surgery.  Mom has weathered the storm well and is back on the mend with good spirits.  She went through some tests today and was relieved that they showed the cancer had not spread.  I like the way she is quick to thank her Lord for giving her another chance at life.

Friends seemed to appear out of nowhere when Mom went to the hospital.  I am sure that these were just normal people answering God’s nudging to go and lighted someone’s load.

Dad and Mom get to enjoy a date night at the hospital.  It is a fair bet that they would have much rather been in Africa at the time though.

Sometimes even we boys do the right thing.  Alan makes a well timed call and gives Mom sweet dreams for the evening.

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