October 16th

Friday October 16th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went to Swahili class for the Bible reading and to listen on the tape to lesson 70 then we came home and finished moving some things.  We just about finished all the things.  We still have a mirror over the mantel.  Richard Knapp from Kijabe came here today to stay until next Wednesday.  This is their long week-end.  M.G. took the Nigerian pastor out to preach and they got back here about 7:45pm for supper.  Today Jim Houser, Bryan, and Scott came by.  Jim paid me for the washing machine which was 250 shillings.

Mom and Dad were still in language school.  However, they were just about to finish up their term.  We were moving into our new home so they skipped class after the Bible reading to work on the transfer of goods.  We were so new to the house that we had sheets acting as curtains in all the bedrooms.

One of our friends, a fellow M.K. stayed with us for several days because he could not get across the border to go home.  Whenever this happened Mom and Dad tried to make it possible for these kids to have a little taste of home.  They knew that there is no substitute for a good family atmosphere.  I am sure Richard appreciated the gesture and enjoyed his stay. 

This pastor must have been longwinded because Dad did not get back home till late.

Now I know where I get my salesmanship abilities.  Seeing Mom wheel and deal on home appliances must have been a precursor for things to come.  The plain truth is that you might be able to buy appliances in town but delivery of the sold merchandise was always up in the air.  At least when you bought stuff from a fellow missionary you could actually take the item home when you paid for it.

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