October 15th

Wednesday October 15th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we got up at 6 o’clock to contact Charlie to find out about Dad’s surgery.  We learned that it is postponed due to the need for thinning his blood.  Charlie had talked to Ken and Ken wants to go to Florida during December.  We walked to the gate after we finished talking with Charlie.  Then we cooked breakfast.  Enos was here for breakfast because he spent the night here.  For lunch he and Samweli were here.  I made chili and cornbread.  I made 25 hamburger buns today.  Also fried a big batch of potato chips.  Web Carroll came by and M.G. worked on his car.  He ended up driving ours into town for he needed a part for his.  We got the Georgia and UT game today.  Tonight Boyd, Syd, M.G. and I looked at it.  It was too bad that they lost it.

One of the main reasons Dad got his ham license was to keep up with family matters in the USA.  Dad has always told us boys to “dig a well before you get thirsty”.  When he first started getting into the shortwave radio gig we all thought he was a little weird.  However, this skill soon proved to be a valuable tool not only for us but for the mission “family” as well.

I was planning to go to Florida to get my SCUBA diving license.  There are many stories that could be told regarding this experience but I will leave them for a later date.

It seems Mom and Dad had embarked upon an exercise program.  For those who are not familiar with Brackenhurst that jaunt to the gate is close to a mile one way.  The altitude is close to 7500 feet and when I ran it, it was uphill both ways!

Having one of Mom’s famous breakfast’s to spur you on would definitely make the trip worthwhile.  Mom was always using her talent to serve others.  Whether cooking lunch for Dad and the pastors or making hamburgers and potato chips for an upcoming event she seemed to know that this was one of the ways God used her best.  She was always able to determine her strengths and then build on them.

Dad used some of his know-how to help another missionary with some car trouble.

They rounded out the evening watching game video that the Sports Information department at UT sent them of the football game.  These games were the hit of the week when they came in and missionaries from miles around came to see the Vols play, even if they weren’t from Tennessee!

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