October 14th

Thursday October 14th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
I spoke in chapel at the high school.  I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I would be.  Afterwards M.G. and I went to the vegetable market.  We hope to soon learn to talk to the boy who carries our basket.  M.G. played golf with Jim Houser this afternoon.  Alan and Ken went down to Bryan’s house to play.  I made curtains for the kitchen and wash room.  Molly came up for awhile and we had a coke and some cookies.  Tonight we went to the movie at the drive-in to see “Robin and the Seven Hoods”.  Ken went to sleep on the way and never did wake up.  After the movie M.G. went down to Tom and Virginia’s to listen to the World Series.

It has been said that more people are scared of public speaking than they are of death.  Knowing what I know about Mom I would have classified her in this crowd.  Obviously God gave her peace and enabled her to feel at home on the stage.  Being nervous in front of crowds has never been a problem for me.  Some have said that I might be too much at home on center stage.

Mom and Dad always had witnessing for Christ at the forefront.  She knew that that boy needed Jesus just as much as the people she spoke to at the high school that morning.

Sometimes life on the mission field seems pretty normal.  Dad plays some golf, the kids visit the neighbor’s kids, and Mom stays home and makes curtains and fellowships with a friend.  I guess the only difference is that we were approximately 8000 miles from our nearest kinfolks.

Even the prospect of seeing the “rat pack’s” rendition of the story of Robin Hood could not pull me out of my slumber.  Dad enjoys a little bit of man time listening to baseball on Armed Forces Radio. 

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