October 13th

Wednesday October 13th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I did not feel too well so I lay back down, but two men came from Mahinga to talk to M.G. about their church and they were just outside my bedroom window so I just gave up and got up and wrote a letter.  They were trying to talk M.G. into giving them 1,000 shillings on their building of stone which they want to build.  They already have a wooden building and they had been after the mission to put a concrete floor in it for them.  This afternoon we went to Kambaa to the women’s meeting.  We went out to one of the men’s shamba and he gave us 9 cabbage heads and 5 cauliflower heads.  His shamba was very nice, but I saw inside one of the houses and the beds looked just like pallets.

When frustration got the best of Mom you knew things had to be at a breaking point.  Mom was the type of person that never showed that the irritations of life we getting the best of her.  However, today must have been one of those days.  According to her diary she wrote that letter to her Mom.  I guess even Moms are little girls sometimes.

Dad always tried to work with the “teaching a man to fish” method.  Evidently, these two venture capitalists were trying to get him to invest the mission’s hard won shillings into the new building program.  Dad had learned the hard way that people need ownership in projects.  If I build it for you it remains yours, if I build it with you (construction includes some of your blood, sweat, and tears) you take some ownership and responsibility.

Matthew 6:20-22 talks about locating your treasure and finding your heart in the same place.  Mom noticed this man’s garden was very nice but his house was lacking somewhat.  That is a good lesson for each of us to remember.

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