October 11th

Wednesday October 11th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
M.G. was sick all night last night so he stayed in bed all day today.  I fixed lunch today for Orville and Edith and Kim Johnson.  M.G. wasn’t able to eat any of it.  I had fried chicken, fried rice, peas, cheese toast, tossed salad, and banana cream pie.  After lunch I took a banana cream pie, ham sandwich, and limeade to the Boyd’s for her to take to Ken at R.V.A.  This afternoon Edith helped me cut out a skirt and top from some material that needed to be matched so I was afraid to do it by myself.  We got a tape of Alan speaking to some R.A.’s in Clinton today.  It was mailed in June-they sent it boat mail.  We enjoyed hearing it anyway.  Talked to Pat Rhea tonight

Dad must have been on death’s doorstep to miss out on Mom’s fried chicken.  However, Mom’s labors were not in vain.  Ken got to enjoy the fruits of her labor in the arid wasteland that was R.V.A. dining.

Mom was a great seamstress except she could never match up patterns.  I am sure that there have been studies done on this malady but Mom defiantly suffered from it.

The folks got to hear the dulcet tones of Alan’s voice over the magic tape box.  While Alan enjoyed what I am sure amounted to a “white” buffet at the church in Clinton.  I chowed down on banana cream pie.  I am sure I got the better deal!

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