October 10th

Friday October 10th, 1975
Nyeri and Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to the meeting around 9 o’clock and got back for lunch about 1:15pm.  The meeting was not finished, but we left because we wanted to see Alan and Ken play ball at Starehe in Nairobi.  It rained just before the game so the field was a muddy mess.  R.V.A. won 5 to 2; Alan made 2 goals and 1 assist.  Ken’s team lost 6 to 0.  Marlene, John Phillips, and Marko Kinser came home with the boys for supper.

Dad and Mom were in Nyeri for some kind of meeting but headed home early to see both sons play soccer.

It seems that all the conditions were ripe for developing two sports legends in the same day.  Alan played first and fulfilled his share on the road to glory.  All Ken had to do was have a half decent showing and the cards would be set.  Life plays a cruel trick and fate lends a hand to the disaster that day.  Ken’s team suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Starehe team and Ken changes his life’s calling.  No longer does he yearn for the sportsman’s life, he chooses a different path.  Scarce a year and a day from the first game against Starehe (See October 9th, blog posting) Ken’s life path is chosen and he never looked back.  Well he might look back sometimes but for the most part he is glad to be known far and wide as “that computer guy!”

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