October 9th

Wednesday October 9th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Dallas borrowed our Land Rover so he made the school run for us.  At 9 o’clock Myrtle Blanchard and I went to see the little crippled boy for Myrtle to help him with some exercises.  The mother had gone to the market, but the older children were there so we continued with the treatment.  This afternoon we picked Ken up at 3:30 and went on into Nairobi to see Alan’s ballgame with Starehe School.  R.V.A. won 3 to 0.  Alan came home with us for supper, and then we drove him and the Jones children and their guest back to R.V.A.  I took Marie Moore her cake that I had baked for her birthday and the gift her mother had left here.

The price to borrow the Land Rover, you take the kids to school.  That might have sealed the deal for me.  I like screaming kids as much as the next adult so I would have made do some other way.

Mom and Aunt Myrtle went to help out one of the local families.  One of the great parts about being on the field was making a real difference in the lives of your fellow believers.  Before missionaries came to the country this boy would have be doomed.  A beggars’ existence would have been his entire life.

Playing sports during the week gave Alan a chance to visit home more than most kids at the Rift.  We tried to invite other M.K.’s home with us so they could at least get a taste of home.

I have spoken about the feeling of family amongst the missionaries.  Mom had made a cake for a girl and made sure she knew her family was thinking about her even though they were miles away.

1 thought on “October 9th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I never ceased to be amazed at the way God equipped your Mom to do what He called her to do! She truly possessed a servants heart, mind and attitude.

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