October 8th

Sunday October 8th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
We went to Sunday school and church this morning.  The Mason family were there and Mr. Porter from the USA.  He is in charge of the AID program for Africa.  Phillip and Paul Mason came home with us for lunch and played with the boys.  James Hampton came by just after lunch and copied some information from my reports of the churches, etc.  Tonight the VOK came and recorded our services at church.  They turned out very good, and M.G. did real well.  James Hampton came home with us for cake and coke.

Sundays as a rule were busy days around our house.  Even in the beginning we were always having guests for lunch and such.  This is most likely where I developed the habit of “getting to go to church” as my Dad would say.  Looking back it was not such a bad habit to acquire.

Alan and I always made friends rather quickly.  I don’t know if it was a gift from God to my parents because He knew we would kill each other if left to our own devices.  I kid a lot about my brother but I love him very much.

Dad debuts on Voice of Kenya radio tonight and rocks the house.  Mom said he did real well, that means “rock the house” in Mom talk!

I guess when James Hampton realized he missed lunch he made sure he showed up for cake later on.  That James was a smart man.  You don’t want to miss too many of my Mom’s meals.

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