October 7th

Thursday October 7th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning while M.G. was gone to teach his class I washed clothes.  The he came for me and we went downtown to shop.  We are trying to get Christmas gifts to send home.  I made curtains for the kitchen today.  Tonight M.G. and I went to eat out at a Chinese restaurant and then went to the movie, “How to Murder Your Wife”.

Mom washes clothes, makes curtains, and helps buy the Christmas presents for the folks back home and Dad takes her to this movie!  Marshall Duncan is truly the last of the big time romantics.  I am being hard on Dad in jest, while in Kenya movies that came from the states were welcome.  Most of the flicks we saw were good with a few exceptions that Mom classified as “odd”.

Whenever a new James Bond or John Wayne film would make it across the big water, Dad’s classroom would suddenly be filled with several “new” students by the name of “Duke”, “James”, or the classic “007”.  As you can surmise this made grading papers and tests much more challenging.  This must be where Dad developed his skill in handwriting analysis.  I had some firsthand knowledge of that skill but we won’t go into that now.

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