October 5th

Wednesday October 5th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Uplands to see about our beginning work there and to get some bamboo sticks for his ham antenna.  Ken didn’t get up very early, and wasn’t too hungry when he did get up.  I went to the store and meat market.  While I was in the store M.G. came in.  He had finally gotten to see the man in charge at Uplands.  We heard today that Mr. Armes had a heart attack but that it was slight.  This afternoon Margie Bateman and I took Tara and Ken back to school.  We went by the Kirkpatricks and left Lari there to play with Cara and Kyle

We must have been getting some replacement bamboo for the ham radio rig.  It still amazes me that an antenna built out of bamboo and wire can communicate with the USA.  However, this homemade device kept us in touch with our family back home for many years without a hitch.

In the past I was not much of an early riser.  However I must have been sick because I am always hungry.  Perhaps I just didn’t like what Mom was fixing for brunch.

Dad got the green light for a new preaching point.  In the US you can preach on most any street corner and people will think you strange but not cart you off to jail.  That is not the case in most countries of the world.  Most of the time we had to get permission from the village chief, once that had been obtained you could evangelize throughout their district.

I think we now know why I wasn’t hungry.  I knew in a few hours I would be returning to the luscious meals at RVA!

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