October 4th

Saturday October 4th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we got up early to get ready to go into Nairobi for breakfast.  We were going to meet Dr. Russell and his wife from Powell, Tennessee.  John Dillman called that they didn’t get in until 5:00am this morning so for us to meet them for supper.  We did this and ate at the airport restaurant.  They ordered strawberries with cream and it ended up being canned milk poured over them which was not very good.  Also, has a hard time getting iced tea.  This afternoon I cooked pancakes at Muguga.  When it came time to put the eggs in the lady just reached into the hen’s nest which was in the corner and handed me two eggs.  The man’s house where we were meeting had his wife number one there today along with the number two who is usually there.

Meeting people from the states was big doings in Kenya.  Especially for those missionaries who were near the hometowns of the visitors.  Supper at the airport was not quite the banquet we expected.  Evidently the chef of the day could have used some pointers from Emeril.  I don’t find it strange that iced anything was a scarce commodity.  Sometimes I think our refrigerator had more ice in it than the rest of the country combined.

Once you’ve tasted pancakes this fresh you really hesitate to try any others.  Eggs so fresh they were, well right out of the manufacturer.

Sometimes culture and denominations clash when you are on the field.  How do you tell a man that having two wives is wrong when that is the way he has lived all his life.  Imagine the trouble you encountered when you asked the censor board to reconsider showing an “R” rated movie because women were in the film that were naked from the waist up.  I don’t know about you but I am not going to tell them that their Mom was wrong!

1 thought on “October 4th

  1. Cindy

    I think I would have to do without eggs.

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