October 2nd

Friday October 2nd, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I had an appointment at 10:45am with Dr. Nevill and he had a copy of my report and informed me that I must have surgery soon.  Needless to say this was a shock to me.  He told us to go home and think about it as to where we would have it.  M.G. doesn’t want me to have it here in the hospital.  So this afternoon we got busy and made reservations to the U.S. for this coming Monday night.  We went by John Adams house and told them.  Also, M.G. called Boyd Pearce who is our mission chairman and he will call Davis Saunders who is in charge of East and Central Africa.  We will let the boys know on Sunday night when we talk with Charlie on the ham radio.  All of this has left me in a daze, but I do feel a certain amount of peace about it all.  I must just trust God through it all.  Tonight Ralph and Rosiland came up and had prayer with us.  Tonight was a sleepless night for me.

Today the doctor confirmed that Mom had cancer.  Everyone knows that they will eventually pass away.  However the true test of your mettle is when you actually feel ok and find out that your time is much closer than you ever thought.  Dad and Mom began immediately to make plans to come to the states.

I am not surprised that Dad wanted all procedures performed in the US.  This would place Mom near to many of her family and friends as well as us kids.

We would all do well to learn to have this peace that Mom spoke of in our final days.  Mom knew that this situation did not just happen but Christ in his wisdom placed this trial in our lives to bring glory to Him.  I am a pretty big Star Trek fan and each time I read this particular entry I am reminded of that quote from “The Wrath of Kahn”.  The captain and Savik are in the elevator and Savik mentions that the simulation where she and her crew were all killed was not a fair test of her ability.  Kirk says,” How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life, wouldn’t you say?”  I know how Mom dealt with death.  I close today’s post by posing the same question to you.  Death comes to us all, are you ready?

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