October 1st

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Sunday October 1st, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went out to go to Sunday school and Church and our car wouldn’t start.  M.G. came in to use the phone to call Jean Law and the line was busy.  Then he went to our neighbor’s house to call Jean and by that time Jean was gone.  Our neighbor loaned us their car to go to Church in.  Russ Stroud came home with us for lunch.  He leaves on Tuesday for America.  This afternoon M.G. went to one of the African homes for a prayer meeting.  He took some of the high school boys with him.  They served them tea.

Dad was a man that practiced what he preached.  I have written before about us “getting” to go to church.  We today we had to work hard at it but we got there and worshiped.  Although I would be straying from the truth if I said that Dad did not spend a little time thinking about how to fix the car.  Even our neighbor’s were used to get us to Church that day.  I am sure this was a silent witness to our neighbor’s was used by God to steer them into a closer walk with Christ.

Tea was the drink of choice at most African homes.  This concoction was put on the fire to boil in the morning, it was sweetened with sugar and mixed with milk and kept warm until your guests arrived for the meeting.  The Swahili name for this beverage is “Chai” even though that name has just come into vogue here in the states over the last few years.  Finally Africa is ahead of its time!

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