September 30th

Thursday September 30th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we called Jane Holloway to find out when they wanted M.G. to come up and connect their stove.  She was telling us about Henry, the African painter, who had painted her chest white that she had antiqued.  He thought, “I guess that it was just a bad paint job.”  M.G. and I went into town to Christmas shop for my family.  We got Dryna and Ruth each a basket, Randy a batik an Alan (Ruth’s son) two masks.  We ate lunch at the Hilton with the Saunders.  Tonight the Houser’s came by for awhile.  It was good to have Alan home for the night.

Dad’s handyman work was always in demand.  He was so used to working on items wherever he went that he would carry a complete tool box in the car.

I can just imagine Henry the painter thinking how helpful he was being as he was painting that antique chest white.  After all who would want to keep a chest with such a bad finish around when a dab of white paint would make things just like new!

The reason we were Christmas shopping in September was because of the shipping time to the US.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall when these presents arrived.  I am sure Alan (Ruth’s son) had visions of wild animal skins and weird witchdoctor trinkets while he was opening up those two mask carvings.

Alan had been staying with friends most of the week so he was glad to get back to Mom’s home cooking.  Mom seemed to think it was nice having him home also.

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