September 29th

Tuesday September 29th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went to Swahili class as usual.  James Gibson read the Bible in Swahili and we had special prayer for the Middle East situation.  We had all heard about Nassar’s death.  We went into Nairobi at 8:30 tonight and picked up Joe Easterly from Oak Ridge, Thad Roberts from Texas, Whelchel from Georgia, and another man from Oklahoma.  They are all helping in the crusade.  Joe Easterly brought M.G. 2 pair of pants, a part for my washer, and Alan and Ken each a wind-breaker jacket.  Also he gave them a bar of candy (Bit-O-Honey).  Robert finished up at the dentist today.  He did not have any cavities, but they (his teeth) were coated over and his gums were very sore.

One of the fastest ways to learn a language was immersing yourself in the process for several hours a day.  Our mission school used this method to prepare missionaries as fast as possible.  Dad told me a funny story about a mix up with the language at the local market.  Evidently they were supposed to go to market and order a debe (container that holds about 5-8 gals) of some kind of produce.  Dad promptly went out and said I would like a “debe” of “viatu” (shoes) instead of “viazi” (potatoes).  Dad says the lady did not laugh until he realized his mistake and then they both had a good chuckle at his “faux-pas”.

News from the US was only trumped by visitors from the states.  Not only were these guys here to help spread the gospel but they brought gifts for the missionaries (read the Duncan’s) also.

I was glad to see Robert got a good report on his teeth today.  Most Kenyans grew up using a “toothbrush” stick to perform oral hygiene.  Ends up you can buy these on the Web; I hesitate to comment on what that says about Americans and their spending habits.

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